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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Bacon Revelation

Hey Everyone!

It looks similar it’s bacon calendar week hither at . (And in that place ain’t nothin’ incorrect amongst that!) As a follow-up to Monday’s postal service well-nigh bacon from “100% vegetarian fed” pigs, amongst no added nitrates, let’s dive a petty deeper into this salty, smoky, sweet, in addition to darn nigh intoxicating food.

Generally speaking, I similar to think I'm a pretty intelligent gal. I recognize, however, that in that place are some subjects that homecoming me a consummate eejit. All mathematics beyond your basic algebra comes at ane time to mind, every bit does anything you lot mightiness let on inward a high schoolhouse physics textbook. I am non at all to a higher house admitting that I am non the sharpest knife inward the drawer. However, on subjects well-nigh which I am genuinely passionate, I’d similar to think what I know exceeds that which I do not know. Until recently, I had idea this was truthful regarding my noesis of bacon. But I was wrong! I had a revelation well-nigh bacon a few days ago, in addition to at the run a peril of exposing what a total moron I am, I idea I’d portion it hither on the blog, inward example anyone out in that place is fifty-fifty slower than I am, in addition to hasn’t yet had this epiphany. (Good affair in that place are alone 4 people reading. Chances are, all 4 of you lot learned this long ago, in addition to the alone useful affair you’ll gain from this postal service is a hearty guffaw, at my expense.)

Okay. Maybe I’m belatedly to this party, in addition to if so, I’ll simply don my dunce cap in addition to caput off to move sit down inward the corner. But really, if it’s taken me this long to realize something pretty neat well-nigh bacon, in addition to thus I conduct hold to figure in that place are others wandering around out there, ignorant of this real cool thing.

Like I mentioned in the previous post, I hadn’t been eating much bacon. But at nowadays that it’s reclaimed its proper house of prominence inward my diet, I’ve had the chance to really look at bacon. Now, nosotros all know bacon is fatty. That’s piece of employment of what makes it delicious. And you’ll recall from some of my real showtime weblog posts (back fifty-fifty earlier I had my cherished 4 readers), that bacon—and pork fat, inward general—is high inward lovely, chemically stable, saturated fat, but it is even higher in monounsaturated fat. To live specific, the exceptional monounsaturated obese acid it is high inward is oleic acid. That’s right, the same ane the conventional wisdom “diet dictocrats” are e'er encouraging us to eat inward the cast of olive oil. (So yeah: motility over, heart-healthy Mediterranean diet. Make room for heart-healthy bacon!)    

But you lot know what else bacon has a lot of? Connective tissue! Seriously! I can’t believe I never realized this before, but bacon is a cracking rootage of some of the amino acids that tend to live lower inward musculus meats, such every bit glycine. In fact, until now, I had e'er false this beautiful, nourishing, of import connecter “stuff” to live fat. It is not.

Here’s what I’m talking about. 
It's the "stuff" that isn't meat, but 
clearly isn't fat, either, 'cuz
it didn't homecoming off.
Here’s how this lastly dawned on me. See, I was cooking bacon, in addition to when it was done, I removed the obese to a drinking glass container, which I come about inward the refrigerator to utilization for cooking. (After spending ii weeks helping out at her farm, I tin say you lot that Sally Fallon, president of the Weston A. Price Foundation, stores hers the traditional, time-honored way: inward an quondam metallic java can!) But left on the bacon strips I was well-nigh to eat, along amongst what was clearly pork belly meat, in that place was this soft, rubbery, chewy, clear-ish stuff. Like I said, I had e'er idea this was fat. But afterwards a lifetime of eating bacon, it occurred to me, for the real showtime time, that if that materials were fat, it would conduct hold melted/rendered off amongst the residue of the fat. But it didn’t. It wasn’t sitting inward the pan, liquefied, every bit was the residue of the fat. It remained inward enterprise form, if a petty rubbery in addition to gelatinous inward texture. And this reminded me of what I pointed out waaay downwardly at the bottom of this postal service well-nigh beef shanks: the clear, rubbery materials nosotros think is fat, is really super-nourishing connecter tissue. (Picture here, amongst arrows indicating to the materials I’m talking about.) Again, if it were fat, it would conduct hold rendered out amongst the residue of the tallow.

And this got me thinking fifty-fifty more.

We all know bacon is absolutely in addition to utterly delicious. Except mayhap for meaning women amongst temporary nutrient aversions, the odor of bacon cooking entices simply well-nigh every unmarried human beingness on the planet. (‘Cuz science, folks!) And spell I turn down a cracking bargain of the theories surrounding “palatability” in addition to “food reward” inward the etiology of obesity, there’s no denying that bacon is ane of the most rewarding in addition to highly palatable foods in that place is. It’s salty, sweet, fatty, smoky, in addition to sometimes crispy. It’s delicious hot or cold. It hits all the gustatory bells & whistles, lighting upwardly the rima oris in addition to encephalon similar a 1980’s pinball machine.

So it’s no surprise that bacon is ofttimes the “gateway food” (drug?) that brings vegans dorsum to eating beast foods. But what if there’s to a greater extent than to this oft-observed phenomenon than simply how insanely tasty cured pork belly is? See, if my revelation is correct, in addition to bacon does incorporate a fair flake of connecter tissue, in addition to thus maybe vegetarians in addition to vegans start amongst bacon because it’s a practiced rootage of some of the specific amino acids plant-heavy (and flora only) diets are depression in?

I'm reading Nourishing Broth, and learning to a greater extent than well-nigh the importance (and darn nigh magical healing properties) of the myriad components of quondam schoolhouse broth, or, to a greater extent than specifically, the parts & pieces that go into broth: bones, skin, joints, hooves, in addition to other pieces of animals that are rich inward collagen in addition to cartilage. These parts & pieces incorporate amino acids, glycoproteins, in addition to sulfurous compounds that are edifice blocks for maintaining, repairing, in addition to strengthening our ain bones, skin, joints, in addition to connecter tissue. They’re practiced for what ails ya’. It’s non for nil that my dear ancestors called gelatin-rich chicken soup “Jewish penicillin.” (And remember, whether we’re talking chicken stock or stock made from beef, pork, seafood, or whatsoever other animal, we’re talking well-nigh a long-simmered concoction made from all those gnarly bits & pieces, in addition to non the crap you lot brand it bouillon cubes, which are basically nil but salt, fat, in addition to mystery “seasonings.” These do not incorporate the healing elements. Chinese people who love eating chicken feet know what they’re doing.)

But it’s non simply vegans & vegetarians who mightiness do goodness from these compounds. The amino acids in addition to other substances connecter tissues provide tend to live depression inward the modern diet overall, fifty-fifty amid omnivores. This mightiness non live every bit truthful of people engaging inward nose-to-tail cooking, where eating organ meat, skin, in addition to making authentic os stock is encouraged. But for the average person, who buys alone boneless & skinless chicken, in addition to who eschews gelatinous cuts, such every bit beef shanks, beef tongue, oxtails, in addition to ham hocks, in addition to who avoids pork rinds similar the plague (mostly because nosotros think of them every bit a “low class” snack, rather than appreciating them for what they really are—pure pigskin poly peptide gems loaded amongst glycine), they could likely utilization a petty extra connecter tissue love, too.

And maybe this is some of the argue for bacon’s popularity, fifty-fifty amid those not following low-carb, Paleo, or Primal diets. I mean, I don’t know anyone, regardless of dietary preferences (save for vegans, vegetarians, in addition to folks who come about kosher or halal), who doesn’t love bacon. So, if bacon is ane of the few (if non only) foods people regularly eat that supplies these critical elements, in addition to thus maybe, somehow, our bodies instinctively sense that nosotros demand them. (Not that I purchase into the “cravings are a sign of what your torso needs” thing. If this were true, in addition to thus well-nigh xx years ago, I would conduct hold had a raging sour cream & onion white patato chip deficiency.)

So you lot tin purchase powdered gelatin in addition to collagen supplements, in addition to add together them to your nutrient or poly peptide shake, or you lot tin EAT MOAR BACON. I’m non kidding. If bacon really is high inward these valuable components, in addition to thus it is non an exaggeration to telephone telephone bacon both a wellness nutrient in addition to a beauty food. That connecter “stuff” is practiced for our insides and our outsides. I’ve already mentioned bones, joints, tendons, in addition to ligaments. But let’s non forget blood vessels, which are also made from collagen, addition hair, skin, in addition to nails. Ladies, desire a inexpensive beauty remedy? Gelatin.

For the total details on the nutrition & beauty benefits of foods rich inward connective-tissue, in addition to how these foods conduct hold disappeared from the modern nutrient supply, revisit this post in addition to scroll downwardly to the paragraph that starts with, “But here’s the REAL bang for your buck amongst beef shanks.”

In closing, do me a favor, everyone. Next fourth dimension you lot ready bacon, accept a hold back at a few strips in addition to say me if I’m crazy in addition to completely wrong, or if I’m correct, in addition to simply real belatedly to this political party for an otherwise smart person.

When you lot hold back at a pork belly, it becomes to a greater extent than obvious that 
there’s more than simply the musculus meat in addition to fat. 

Remember: Amy Berger, M.S., NTP, is non a medico in addition to , LLC, is non a medical practice. The information contained on this site is non intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or preclude whatsoever medical condition.


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