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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Still Alive!

Hi weblog readers!

Just wanted to allow yous know I am, inwards fact, soundless alive. It’s been a calendar month since my terminal post, in addition to spell I realize many bloggers out at that topographic point become far longer than that without writing anything new, I cause got mostly tried to ship service at to the lowest degree i time a week. I’m lamentable that that footstep has fallen off the map lately. Everything’s okay; only been busy. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 footling fleck of travel, a footling fleck of non-nutrition writing (the very rough draft of my novel may or may non cause got gotten finished), in addition to a footling fleck of professional/career Jenga (okay, no, it was an all-out atom bomb…more on this inwards the coming weeks). It all adds upwards to me letting the weblog collect dust for a bit.

I’ll hold out semi-off the-grid for the terminal 2 weeks of August, in addition to I don’t encounter a whole lot of blogging getting done during that time, but I should hold out dorsum on pinnacle of things inwards September. (I may or may non hold out spending that fourth dimension working on a farm, in addition to it may or may non hold out P.A. Bowen Farm, owned past times Sally Fallon, president of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Just sayin’.)

I am hoping to teach a ship service upwards this weekend, but no promises. If I do cope to ship service something, it volition in all probability hold out a review of The Ketogenic Cookbook, past times Jimmy Moore in addition to Maria Emmerich. Jimmy mentions me past times holler inwards his acknowledgements sections, which form of blows my mind, to hold out honest amongst you. (More details inwards the review post.)

I cause got tons of other ship service ideas inwards the works. I only require to carve out some fourth dimension to write them. And no, I cause got non forgotten nigh the serial on the metabolic theory of cancer. As yous tin imagine, though, those posts (some of them, anyway) cause got quite a fleck of research. They typically cause got longer to write than posts nigh other topics, hence when it’s compaction fourth dimension to teach something upwards on the blog, I’ve been gravitating toward subjects I tin write nigh to a greater extent than quickly, such equally the backlash against low-carb diets, in addition to the battle over lower versus higher carbs inwards one’s diet. But residual assured, to a greater extent than cancer posts are on the way. In the meantime, if you’re champing at the fleck for to a greater extent than on this subject, check out this recent newspaper from Poff, Seyfried, D’Agostino & colleagues. Freaking awesome materials on combination therapy employing a ketogenic diet, hyperbaric oxygen, in addition to exogenous ketone supplementation (in rats).

Thanks for hanging inwards there, everyone! When I tell people nigh my blog, I state that I cause got a small, but really loyal audience, in addition to I am grateful for each in addition to every i of you! (I hesitate to go the give-and-take “following.” Personally, I teach a footling creeped out when I take away heed people inwards the low-carb, keto, in addition to Paleo worlds referred to equally “thought leaders.” I mean, jeez…Kool-Aid doesn’t autumn into any of those camps. Ha! Just kidding. But seriously, it makes me absolutely gush to think that I cause got a “following,” yet pocket-sized it may be, but if I showtime referring to people who read my weblog equally my “followers,” hence I experience similar I’m only a few steps away from buying a chemical compound inwards the woods in addition to inviting yous all at that topographic point to innovate yous to my our novel religion, where nosotros worship bacon fatty in addition to excommunicate bran cereal in addition to fat-free milk. Be certain to convey lots of kokosnoot crude oil in addition to canned fish; nosotros mightiness cause got to hole upwards hither for a while, until the gub’mint leaves us alone...)

And remember, when the weblog gets quiet, yous tin soundless follow find me on Twitter

Until adjacent time…

Remember: Amy Berger, M.S., NTP, is non a doc in addition to , LLC, is non a medical practice. The data contained on this site is non intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or forbid whatever medical condition.


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