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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

“A abode has to reverberate your heart; otherwise you're living inwards someone else's house.”

By Keri Foy

Does Home Goods telephone phone your name? Do y'all notice yourself lost inward the decor aisles at Target? Me, too.

The newness together with the prices are thus tempting. Plus the styles are on tendency for interior pattern thus they’re difficult to resist — until y'all chat alongside Ania Krejci. Her convictions on interior pattern made me mean value twice close how I decorate my home.

“If y'all purchase something at Ikea together with mean value ‘this volition do,’ thus larn identify together with position it adjacent to something y'all notice precious, it does non work,” says Ania, who adds that inward buying, the “why” is merely equally of import equally the “look.”

For Ania, living beautifully isn’t trapped inward layers of aesthetics. It goes much deeper than what the oculus tin flame run into to what the soul craves. It’s close history together with business office equally much equally it is colors together with trends.

Ania refers to the dorsum of their identify equally an strange add-on added past times a previous owner. Photos past times Melissa Donald 

Ania’s background equally a existent estate agent inward Poland sparked her dearest of quondam architecture together with a penchant for interior design. She finds Louisville to live a source of inspiration. “The largest accumulation of Victorian architecture is hither inward Louisville,” Ania says. In Europe, she says you’d bespeak to locomote to several cities to run into the form of architecture y'all could persuasion inward 1 quick trip downwards Third Street. “I was amazed to run into such diversity,” Ania says.

The duet turned the add-on into a dining together with sitting room. 

Ania together with her hubby renovated a Federal-style family built inward the 1790s, together with she is absolutely inward dearest alongside it. “It’s my biggest arguing equally a designer,” Ania says. “It would accept been slow to bulldoze the family to gear upwardly a novel identify together with nosotros would accept spent less money,” she says, “but right away it’s 100 times amend together with volition hold upwardly merely about other 200 years.”

Ania's bar room includes a decoratively displayed laid of quondam bottles the duet establish
under the identify during the renovation. 

Ania believes living beautifully is close respecting others together with the difficult go of previous generations. “I similar to save merely about other generation’s effort,” she says. For example, the duet kept the 225-year-old poplar forest inward the home. “We don’t alive inward museums. This is how history is taught — life changes together with life evolves,” Ania says.

Before together with afterward photograph of the bar room. 

It was afterward this renovation that Ania decided to opened upwardly an interior pattern store to render a identify for her skills to telephone phone home. Surroundings, located on Frankfort Avenue, offers a lovely mixture of quality, refinished antiques together with novel items, including Polish painted pottery. “With Surroundings, I tin flame demo customers what they tin flame hold back of me equally a designer,” Ania says.

 The sink expanse is 1 of Ania's signature designs. 

She latterly relocated her store across the street from its first dwelling. “Everything plant out for a reason,” says Ania, together with she savage inward dearest alongside her electrical current place because of its master copy debate from Bernheim Forest. So when the possessor called to offering the space, she jumped at the chance to cross the street.

The duet used forest from their identify to practise the stove hood. 

The store is taking shape. Ania considers herself “still moving in.” She has plans for a pattern studio, an outdoor slice of furniture area, together with a topographic point for a garden. “It’s going to live amazing,” Ania says.

Ania holds 1 of her favorite Polish pottery mugs. 

As Ania’s store evolves together with becomes her infinite where she finds beauty, she shares, “Be who y'all are. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 identify has to reverberate your heart; otherwise you’re living inward mortal else’s house.”


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