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Friday, April 14, 2017

When Your House Makes Derby Dollars

By Megan Seckman

Ah, Derby. If you’re a native Louisvillian, y'all tin around nautical chart the progression of your life inward correspondence amongst this spectacular event. As a nipper y'all may yell upwards vividly the parades, the parties y'all went to amongst your solid unit of measurement together with friends, the get-go fourth dimension your dad taught y'all to read the racing form, your get-go win. As a immature adult y'all yell upwards (maybe a footling to a greater extent than spotty this time) your get-go sense inward the infield, piecing together your get-go bonafide hat, perhaps your get-go swig of a mint julep, your get-go loss. And now, hither y'all are: a homeowner, perhaps a woman bring upwards or a professional person amongst the question: What’s adjacent for me this Derby season?

Derby may look similar an extravagance at this phase inward your life. Maybe you’ve already “been there, done that.” The crowds, the outfit, the endless nutrient together with drinkable may non look that appealing this year. But it’s yet Derby, together with every bit a Louisvillian, y'all yet desire a footling slice of the action.

Derby-girl, reckon your adjacent stage: Derby solid rentals.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 co-worker introduced Lynsey Trager, 31, a ‘media whiz’ amongst Boxcar PR, to the sentiment of renting out her solid for Derby weekend.

Renting out their dwelling solid during Derby has been lucrative for Lynsey together with her husband. Photos past times Sunni Wigginton 

“Since I operate inward PR together with am ever busy together with never fifty-fifty dwelling solid around Derby, I sentiment it would live a cracking agency to brand about extra money, Lynsey says. “It was real easy. The service gave me a checklist to follow: postal service pictures, receive got out valuables, instruct out a few toiletries, attain clean out the fridge...but the fellowship handled all the documents. They welcomed the guests together with did the walk-though.”

For Lynsey’s typical 1,800-square-foot St. Matthews home, she together with her hubby made $3,500 for the Thursday, Friday, together with Sat nights surrounding Derby.

Not also shabby for 1 weekend.

Last year, Lynsey together with her hubby stayed amongst friends that lived unopen by, but this twelvemonth they are going to role their net turn a profit to attend Oaks together with perchance Derby. And unless they are about serious gamblers, they volition yet come upwards out ahead.

Several sites, including, offering assistance inward renting Derby homes. One site,, volition advertise your dwelling solid for $250 together with claims that homes inward the Highlands, Crescent Hill, together with Old Louisville instruct for $3,000-$10,000 for the weekend. The closer the accessibility to the track, bars, together with favorite Louisville restaurants, the better. You tin also render concierge services or exactly skip town.

If y'all are considering renting your dwelling solid for adjacent year, the sooner the ameliorate — many prospective Derby-goers rent their homes the minute they render dwelling solid from the wild rumpus. Because Derby, later all, is non solely the greatest 2 minutes of sports, it’s intoxicating. Why non capitalize on all the fun past times showing out of towners a chip of authentic Louisville culture?

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