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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Practical A-z Guide To Going On Safari

The Practical A-z Guide To Going On Safari
This practical guide is an easy A - Z run through of everything you�re going to need on an African safari. From the basic concerns about safety to practical details like what to pack, what accessories are needed, how to stay healthy, and even how to say hello. With this you should be fully prepared for anything the landscape or wildlife can throw at you, including the thieving baboons.

From the wildebeest covered plains of Tanzania to the elephant filled forests of Botswana, safari is the world�s great escape into untouched wilderness. It�s an immersion in the wild, one that takes you away from urbanscapes and into a realm where people are merely visitors. Africa offers one of the world�s final remaining untouched natural landscapes, offering huge areas that have forever been the haven of wild mammals. Going on a safari offers an immersion into this world. It�s far more than sightseeing. On an African safari you feel as if you are part of the landscape. You open your senses to nature in all its drama and charm. It�s something that I first experienced when I was just a child. And it�s something that�s never left me. Because once you�ve been on safari, you�ll want to go again and again.

Understanding safari further can be done through exploring the origins of the term. In Swahili, safari means �long journey,� a reflection of how the experience isn�t just about seeing a few animals. Safari is nothing like a zoo. The animals aren�t in cages. These are wild fenceless landscapes where anything can happen. It�s unpredictable and it�s always intimate. Wild scenes play out just meters from your eyes, like lions taking down zebra or rhinos roaming around waterholes. A safari isn�t about arriving with a tick-list or saying that you saw a few wild animals. It�s about going on a journey through Africa and discovering nature�s unmistakable rhythm. 

But with safari there are always so many questions. From the basic concerns about safety - what happens if a hyena comes into the camp? - to practical details like what to pack, what accessories are needed, how to stay healthy, and even how to say hello. This practical A - Z guide is designed to answer all these questions, covering everything you need to know for a safari journey. It�s based on the years of experience I have of going on safari and over 23 years of living in Africa. With this guide I hope you will be fully prepared for landing in Africa and going off on your own safari adventure.


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