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Monday, January 15, 2018

Food for Thought Friday: Food Prudes & the Low Carb Backlash

You know the phrase, folks:  Everything former is novel again.

Dr. Robert Atkins was practically driven out of professional person medicine past times an angry mob wielding knives as well as pitchforks. How dare he advise that obese people powerfulness convey success inwards losing weight past times reducing the amount of saccharide they consume? And worse—far worse!—how dare he tell people it was okay to eat butter, cheese, as well as ruby-red meat? Sure, people could lose weight past times cutting dorsum on starch, but didn’t Atkins know that the high-fat foods he recommended (especially the ones from—gasp!—animals!) would clog people’s arteries? (Um, no, he did non know that, basically rescinded the final 3-4 decades’ worth of recommendations to avoid every unmarried molecule of book, article, as well as examine telling us how incorrect the final few decades of dietary advice convey been, (others here), there’s a rebuttal from the other side, insisting that plant-based plant-only diets are the final non bad hope as well as salvation non alone of the entire planet as well as all the ecosystems contained therein, but also of the waistline as well as pump wellness of every unmarried private on Earth.

We could speculate nigh the reasons for the backlash. The economical declaration is the 1 that gets the most attention:  the sugar, grain, as well as soy lobbies are not happy that people are catching on to the thought that they powerfulness driblet a dyad of pounds (and, quite possibly, much of their medication) past times cutting out wheat as well as sugar. In fact, amongst the federal authorities fixed to back upward surplus production of corn, wheat, as well as soy, it powerfulness genuinely move a flake of an economical disaster if the population abandoned these foods en masse, overnight. Take a walk through the middle aisles of a supermarket sometime when you lot convey a few extra minutes. You volition uncovering really few items that don’t comprise wheat, corn, sugar, and/or soy inwards some shape or another. (Not fifty-fifty canned tuna, dry-roasted peanuts, or barbecue sauce, for cryin’ out loud!)

A nationwide eschewing of sugar, grains, as well as soy could hateful fiscal ruin for some pretty big companies, every bit good every bit many of us, individually, at to the lowest degree inwards the curt term. (As much every bit nosotros rails against crappy processed foods, the fact is, many of our 401(k)s, IRAs, as well as other retirement savings as well as investment vehicles depend on the companies that attain those food-like substances to attain really well, financially. It’s twisted, but this is how the organization works. So nosotros don’t necessarily desire General Mills as well as Kellogg’s to larn bankrupt; we simply desire them to firstly producing grass-fed beef as well as pastured pork, instead of dark chocolate Cheerios as well as Special K amongst fruit & yogurt. Surely that’s non also much to ask, right? Hehheh.)

BUT: I convey a dissimilar theory.

What attain I call back is behind the electrical flow backlash?


Prudishness, apparently as well as simple.

The people insisting that nosotros all demand to follow plant-based plant-ONLY diets—not simply for our health, but for the hereafter of the planet—are disceptation against indulgence.

See, depression carb is the anti-diet. You’re non supposed to move able to lose weight—never heed move healthy—by consuming rich, obese foods. Fat-free rice cakes, steamed brownish rice, as well as dry, high-fiber bran crackers, yes. The more, the merrier. But a rare steak, juices running pink, amongst a prissy cap of obese attached? That is downright sinful.

America is a really puritanical as well as prudish nation. We don’t similar to admit this, but it’s true. With to a greater extent than states legalizing same-sex marriage, medical (and recreational) marijuana, and—gasp!—raw milk, we are making non bad strides inwards that whole “life, freedom as well as the pursuit of happiness” matter nosotros claim our patch was founded upon. Nevertheless, compared to some other parts of the world, nosotros rest mired inwards a backward, self-immolating, abstemious civilization that frowns upon anything that hints of pleasure, enjoyment, self-serving, as well as hedonism.

The backlash against depression carb is much to a greater extent than strident as well as song inwards prudish, conservative America than it is inwards Europe, where rich, “indulgent” gastronomic delights—such every bit Serrano ham, chorizo, Manchego cheese, pâté, triple cream brie, as well as obese lamb—never roughshod out of favor inwards Spain, France, as well as Greece. (And let’s non forget my sordid emotional history amongst nutrient as well as dieting, as well as damn, am I glad to convey constitute a agency of eating that works for me, keeps me healthy, gives me energy, as well as LETS ME EAT FOOD! I am then not the salad daughter anymore! And if you lot are intimidated or turned off past times a adult woman who likes her steak obese as well as damn nigh all the same mooing, you lot are non the human for me.  

And, tying dorsum to the sexual practice thing—‘cuz hey, it’s Friday, as well as I similar to convey fun amongst these posts—it’s peculiarly interesting that women would move to a greater extent than apt to swear off beast foods inwards an endeavour to move “clean as well as pure,” when salubrious reproductive business office is to a greater extent than probable to move compromised past times long-term plant-only diets that comprise practically no cholesterol, B12, or DHA, as well as really piddling bioavailable iron, zinc, as well as vitamin A. For all the “oops” conceptions that convey happened when people switch to Paleo, Primal, or lower-carb diets, The Paleo Solution, Practical Paleo, The Primal Blueprint, and Protein Power should in all likelihood come upward packaged amongst condoms. (Or at to the lowest degree amongst warnings!)

P.S. Here are a dyad of prissy rebuttals to the backlash:

P.P.S. To quote a honey friend, regarding his sentiment on salad: “I didn’t evolve my agency to the elevation of the nutrient chain to eat rabbit food.” (This friend is a regular reader of the blog, then if you lot come across this, hi, M!)

Remember: Amy Berger, M.S., NTP, is non a medico as well as , LLC, is non a medical practice. The data contained on this site is non intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or forestall whatever medical condition.


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