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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

What Works for Lisa Stevenson

By Lucy M. Pritchett

If yous tumble out to live on at whatever i of the Kentucky Derby Festival events this year, await for a modest adult woman amongst a big smile, bursting amongst enthusiasm too energy. That volition live on Lisa Stevenson, the 2017 chairman of the Kentucky Derby Festival. Please halt her too nation ‘hello.’

Lisa has served on the KDF board for nine years too served on the executive board the concluding 7 years. During that fourth dimension she has worked all the H5N1 events — the miniMarathon, Thunder Over Louisville, too the Pegasus Parade. “I was likewise tired to live on tired,” she says nearly those times. “My twenty-four hours mightiness laid about amongst pushing porta potties roughly too terminate that eventide having dinner amongst celebrities.”

When she is non wearing the KDF dark jacket amongst tan horses that identifies her equally a fellow member of the executive board, Lisa oversees the Academic Learning Lab at duPont Manual High School, where she has worked for 28 years. The lab is the house where students — they all telephone band her Miss Lisa — tin come upwardly to heighten learning, acquire peer tutoring, too get got online classes for high schoolhouse credit. Lisa is also the school’s assistant athletic manager too attends domicile games, sells tickets, plant the concession stand, and, equally she says, “does whatever needs to live on done.”

Lisa uses a planner to remain on rails amongst managing her multiple responsibilities. Photos past times Patti Hartog 

Her duties equally KDF chairman include showing upwardly at the bulk of the lxx events to brand opening remarks too top out rewards too appreciations. Most importantly, she says, “I habiliment The Jacket.” Lisa has pose a picayune spin on hers too had a especial lining made from patterned cloth inwards the Festival’s colors of orange, teal, purple, too yellow. “The lining doesn't actually show, but I know it's there. I intend it's fun.”

At schoolhouse or at KDF events yous won't uncovering her without her Garmin activeness tracker watch, too she carries extra goodies inwards her Jam tote featuring golden too silverish fleurs-de-lis on a vivid pinkish background. Fitting accessories for this adult woman too her many activities.

But, hither are 3 things that absolutely go to go on her organized too moisturized.

Balfour six-year reference calendar
I get got to go on my schoolhouse life, solid unit of measurement life, too Derby Festival life all inwards i place. I picked upwardly this planner at the FedEx shop inwards St. Matthews. I similar that it has too so many years too so that I tin await dorsum too encounter what I get got been doing or ahead to encounter what needs to live on done. Of course of written report I personalize it amongst my ain cover. I sometimes modify that out afterward a spell if I acquire tired of the i look.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
This is a low-cal too breathable moisturizer. I purchase it at Macy's. It costs $27, which may audio expensive, but a picayune chip goes a long way. Believe me, if I was traveling too I had forgotten this, I would pass $30 on a cab to uncovering a house that sold it.

Bonnie Bell Dr Pepper Lip Smacker
I get got used these Lip Smackers since 1977. I get got tubes all over my house. I get got gotten friends hooked on it. It's a practiced production that costs $2 at Walgreens. It puts a picayune color on my lips too it is really comforting too soothing to me. If I had to, I would pass $60 on a cab if I flora myself out of town without my Lip Smacker.

(To print upon yous how of import this production is to her, Lisa was inwards a panic when she couldn’t uncovering the subway scheme inwards her traveling pocket to demonstrate me. Her traveling pocket is a whole other basis inwards which she carries a picayune box of chocolates, her inhaler, lots of picayune colorful pouches total of to a greater extent than treasures, a screwdriver, too a corkscrew. And that was only the meridian layer. This adult woman is prepared!)

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