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Saturday, October 20, 2018

8:42 AM


Lumbar spondylosis is a degenerative status which affects the lower spine. In a patient amongst lumbar spondylosis, the spine is compromised yesteryear a narrowing of the infinite betwixt the vertebrae, causing a multifariousness of wellness problems ranging from dorsum hurting to neurological issues. This status is unremarkably caused yesteryear former age, equally the spine undergoes changes equally people grow older, as well as many of these changes contribute to degeneration of the vertebrae. Spondylosis, which tin look inward the cervical as well as thoracic vertebrae equally well, is also known equally spinal osteoarthritis.
In a classic example of lumbar spondylosis, the infinite betwixt discs inward the lumbar spine becomes narrowed. As a result, the patient develops numbness, tingling, as well as hurting which seem to radiate out from the area. These symptoms are the outcome of pressure level on the nerves equally they larn out the spinal cord. If the spondylosis is allowed to progress, it tin Pb to a narrowing of the spinal canal, resulting inward impingement of the spinal cord, which tin campaign miserable bladder control, unsteady gait, as well as other severe neurological problems.
Symptoms--Specific conditions that autumn nether the umbrella term of lumbosacral spondylosis tin include herniated discs, bulging discs, os spurs as well as osteoarthritis, all of which are spinal abnormalities that run the jeopardy of protruding into the spinal canal as well as exerting pressure level on spinal nerves. The sciatic nervus is often compressed at the coming together of the L5 as well as S1 vertebrae. Common symptoms of sciatic nervus compression include tingling, numbness, weakness as well as hurting that tin spread through the next areas:--Lower back, Tailbone, Buttocks, Hip joints, Toes, Back of thighs (hamstrings), Calves, Feet
RHUS TOXICODENDRON  200-Rhus Tox is the virtually often used homeopathic medicine spell treating shrewd stage of lumbar spondylosis. It tin easily salve the stiffness that is associated amongst this problem. This medicine is really suitable for stiffness that gets aggravated on resting for around fourth dimension as well as is relieved yesteryear motion. The stiffness is worse inward the forenoon on getting up. If the hurting as well as stiffness are aggravated yesteryear mutual depression temperature as well as damp weather, Rhus Tox is the correct medicine.
BRYONIA ALBA  200-In cases where the hurting is increased yesteryear motility or walking, Bryonia is really effective at relieving the pain. There is aching inward the muscles of the dorsum as well as turning inward bed is really difficult. This hurting is ameliorate yesteryear pressure level or yesteryear lying on the painful part. Heat or warmth tend to increment the pain. Increased thirst is around other useful indication for this medicine.
NUX VOMICA 200-In example the hurting has been triggered yesteryear lifting weight or whatever heavy object, Nux vomica industrial plant wonders. It is a really expert medicine when it comes to treating lumbar spondylosis caused due to the modern solar daytime lifestyle where physical activeness is piffling spell mental stress is likewise much. Getting upward inward the forenoon is a big chore equally the hurting is worse inward the morning. The hurting is unremarkably aggravated inward winters.
SILICEA 200-Silicea is i of the best Homeopathic medicines for lumbar spondylosis inward cases where in that place are around degenerative changes inward the bones. These changes may endure osteoarthritic forming bony spurs or they may describe of piece of occupation concern the discs. Any exposure to mutual depression temperature air tin pick out on the pain. The patient feels ameliorate inward warmth as well as inward the summertime weather.
HYPERICUM  200-In cases where the disc or the bony spurs impinge on the nerves as well as the hurting radiates to the lower limbs, Hypericum tin salve the pain.

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Friday, October 19, 2018

8:42 PM


Cervical polyps are fingerlike growths on the lower role of the uterus that connects amongst the vagina neck

Causes--The exact crusade of cervical polyps is non known. They may move on with:-An abnormal reply to increased levels of the woman somebody hormone estrogen, chronilammation, Clogged blood vessels inward the cervix
Cervical polyps are common. They are oft inward women over historic period of time twenty who need keep had children. Polyps are rare inward immature women who need keep non started having their period of time (menstruation).
Most women need keep exclusively i polyp, but some women need keep ii or three.

Symptoms-Polyps create non ever crusade symptoms. When symptoms are present, they may include-Very heavy menstrual periods, Vaginal haemorrhage later douching or intercourse, Abnormal vaginal haemorrhage later menopause or betwixt periods, White or yellowish leucorrhea
PHOSPHORUS 200-CM—It is an splendid magic remedy for cervical polyp. There is extra overgrowth on cervix. This growth bleeds easily yesteryear touch. Menses also early, also long lasting, brilliant red, copious or scanty, but continues for long period. There is tearing hurting inward the ovaries extending downwards to the inner side of the thighs during menses due to inflammation of the ovaries.Pain inward the dorsum equally if broken. Icy mutual frigidity hands too feet, bluish rings some the eyes, much fearfulness too nausea during menstrual period. Polyp is brilliant carmine inward color, sparse walled too are normally pedunculated.
CALCAREA CARB. -200- CM—It is some other of import remedy for cervical polyp.Suited to fleshy girls amongst fair complexion.. Cervical polyp inward immature children too inward immature girls. It is brilliant carmine inward color, sparse walled. Tendency to reappear or relapse. Tendency for overgrowth. Patient is chilly too takes mutual frigidity easily. Craving for eggs
SEPIA 200- CM- Inflammation amongst cellular proliferation of cervical tissue takes house which leads to cervical polyp. There is ulceration of cervical mucous membrane  amongst pruritus vagina . Tenderness genitals to tuch. Pressure at genitals equally if everything  would protrude too thence the patient crosses her legs. There is yellowishness of skin  or brownish spots. Menses also early on , also scanty too flowing exclusively inward morning. There is menorrhagia amongst a painful sensation of emptiness at the pit of the stomach
THUJA OCCIDENTALIS 200- CM- It is also an of import remedy for cervical polyp. There is extra growth inward the urinogenital tract.Supressed gonorrhea amongst cervical polyp. Any deport on or the attempt  of coition provokes the perennial muscles too the vaginal walls to larn inward to spasm.

KALI IODIDE 200—An splendid remedy for cervical polyp. The cervical polyp is covered yesteryear endocervix or endometrium. These polyps larn blood provide through the endometrium . Leucorrhea may crusade the infection of polyp. Produse acrid watery coryza amongst cervical polyp.

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Infertility agency non beingness able to instruct meaning later at to the lowest degree i twelvemonth of trying (or half dozen months if the adult woman is over historic catamenia 35). If a adult woman keeps having miscarriages, it is also called infertility. Female infertility tin consequence from age, physical problems, hormone problems, together with lifestyle or environmental factors.
Most cases of infertility inward women consequence from problems amongst producing eggs. Inpremature ovarian failure, the ovaries halt surgical operation earlier natural menopause. In polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), the ovaries may non free an egg regularly or they may non free a well for you lot egg.
About a 3rd of the time, infertility is because of a employment amongst the woman. One 3rd of the time, it is a employment amongst the man Sometimes no campaign tin last found.
NATRUM CARBONICUM 200-  Top remedy for woman mortal sterility. There is a potent bearing downward feeling every bit if every matter would come upward out. It is to a greater extent than past times sitting together with relieved past times moving about. Profuse leucorrhea of thick xanthous mucus amongst putrid odor. Menses are late, scanty, similar the meat of washing. Menses likewise early on together with is likewise profuse Excessive sexual desire.
BORAX 30- An fantabulous remedy for woman mortal sterility. Dysmenorrhea, violent project similar pains amongst frequent eructation earlier together with during the flow. Worse from downward motion. Leucorrhea along amongst sterility. Discharge similar white of an egg, profuse, starchy together with acrid. Feels similar hot  fluid flowing downward the legs
ACID PHOS 30—It isa slap-up remedy for principal sterility due to debilitated status such every bit tuberculosis together with diabetes. Menses are likewise early on together with likewise profuse, irregularThe PH of vaginal secreation plough inward to acidic cast hence sperm deposited at that spot conk soon. Indifferent together with apathetic
GRAPHITES 200- Another overstep remedy for sterility. It is suited to women who are fatty but at i time emaciating. Chilly patient. Menses likewise belatedly amongst constipation, pale , scanty, amongst violent hurting inward epigastrium. Decided aversion to coition .Sterility hard conception. Lay is pitiful together with despondent, music makes her sad.
NATRUM MURIATICUM 200- Another overstep remedy for woman mortal sterility. Women of nighttime pilus together with nighttime complexion having stiff musculus fibres. Menses likewise early on together with likewise profuseGenital organs are highly sensitive. The lady volition faint if coitus is attempted together with cannot suffer it . Craving for tabular array salt

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

8:42 PM


Chronic obstructive pulmonary illness (COPD) is a chronic inflammatory lung illness that causes obstructed airflow from the lungs. Symptoms include breathing difficulty, cough, sputum production too wheezing. It's caused past times long-term exposure to irritating gases or particulate matter, about oft from cigarette smoke. People amongst COPD are at increased conduct chances of developing pump disease, lung cancer too a diverseness of other conditions.
Emphysema too chronic bronchitis are the 2 about mutual weather that contribute to COPD. Chronic bronchitis is inflammation of the lining of the bronchial tubes, which comport air to too from the air sacs (alveoli) of the lungs. It is characterized past times daily coughing too sputum production. Emphysema is a status inward which the air sacs (alveoli) at the halt of the smallest air passages (bronchioles) of the lungs are destroyed every bit a lawsuit of damaging exposure.
Causes- The principal motility of COPD inward developed countries is tobacco smoking. In the developing world, COPD oft occurs inward people exposed to fumes from burning fuel for cooking too heating inward poorly ventilated home
·         Emphysema. This lung illness causes devastation of the frail walls too elastic fibers of the alveoli. Small airways collapse when yous exhale, impairing airflow out of your lungs.
·         Chronic bronchitis. In this condition, your bronchial tubes instruct inflamed too narrowed too your lungs arrive at to a greater extent than mucus, which tin flame farther block the narrowed tubes. You railroad train a chronic coughing trying to clear your airways.
Symptoms-Symptoms of COPD oft don't seem until pregnant lung impairment has occurred, too they commonly worsen over time, peculiarly if smoking exposure continues. For chronic bronchitis, the principal symptom is a daily coughing too sputum production at to the lowest degree iii months a twelvemonth for 2 consecutive years.
Other signs too symptoms of COPD include:
·         Shortness of breath, especially during physical activities
·         Wheezing
·         Chest tightness
·         Having to clear your pharynx get-go thing inward the morning, due to excess mucus inward your lungs
·         A chronic coughing that produces sputum that may live clear, white, yellowish or greenish
·         Blueness of the lips or fingernail beds (cyanosis)
·         Frequent respiratory infections
·         Lack of energy
·         Unintended weight loss (in afterwards stages)
People amongst COPD are too probable to experience episodes called exacerbations, during which their symptoms instruct worse than green day-to-day variation too persist for at to the lowest degree several days.
ANTIMONIUM ARS 30—It is an fantabulous remedy for this condition. Excessive dyspnea too coughing amongst much mucus secretion, worse on eating too on lying down.
ASPIDOSPERMA Q- It is considered every bit a tonic for lungs. Removes temporary obstruction  to the oxidation of blood past times stimulating respiratory centres. Want of breath during elbow grease is  a guiding symptom. Give 10 drib doses
ANTIMONIUM TART. 30- Emphysema of the aged. Coughing too gasping , consequently. Great rattling of mucus inward the lungs. Rapid , short, hard breathing
BRYONIA ALBA 30- Frequent wishing to accept a long breath, must expand lungs. Dry, barking coughing worse at night. Quick, hard repiration amongst hurting inward the chest
COCA 30- Want of breath or shortness of breath . Especially useful for aged sports men too alcoholics. Hoarseness or loss of vocalisation too dyspnea. Give 5-6 drops doses every 2 hours, inward severe cases
NAPHTHAINUM 30- Dyspnea too sighing respiration. Emphysema of the aged amongst asthma. Long too continued paroxysms of coughing . Tenacious expectoration
SENEGA 30- Respiration increased . Excessive dyspnea. Sharp, contractive pains inward the muscles of chest. Persistent coughing
LOBELIA  Q- Coughing amongst vomiting, asthma preceded past times prickling all over, hyperventilation, panting, threatened amongst suffocation , fearfulness of perish , breast feels constricted, worse from whatever movement

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A dislocation is an injury to a articulation — a house where 2 or to a greater extent than of your bones come upwardly together — inwards which the ends of your bones are forced from their normal positions. This painful injury temporarily deforms in addition to immobilizes your joint.
Dislocation is most mutual inwards the shoulders in addition to fingers. Other sites for dislocations include the elbows, knees in addition to hips. If y'all suspect a dislocation, essay prompt medical attending to provide your bones to their proper positions.
Causes- Dislocations tin come about inwards contact sports, such every bit football game in addition to hockey, in addition to inwards sports that may involve falls, such every bit downhill skiing, gymnastics in addition to volleyball. Basketball players in addition to football game players too unremarkably dislocate joints inwards their fingers in addition to hands past times accidentally hitting the ball, the the world or about other player.
A difficult blow to a articulation during a motor vehicle accident is about other mutual drive of dislocation, every bit is landing on an outstretched arm during a fall
Symptoms-- Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 dislocated articulation may be:-Visibly deformed or out of place, Swollen or discolored, Intensely painful, Immovable
You may too sense tingling or numbness nigh or below the injury — such every bit inwards your human foot for a dislocated genu or inwards your paw for a dislocated elbow.
ARNICA MONTANA Q—1000—Head remedy for dislocation. Give at i time afterward dislocation. It volition preserve nervousness in addition to pain. Give a few doses inwards 1m authorization every i hr internally in addition to apply Q inwards mutual frigidness H2O externally
RHUS TOXICODENDRON 30- If the hurting remins give Rhus tox thirty 3 times daily. The hurting in addition to swelling disappear inwards nigh 3 days

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

8:42 PM


A novel inter-disciplinary written report led past times researchers at Tufts University institute that kokosnoot stone oil effectively controlled the overgrowth of a fungal pathogen calledCandida albicans (C. albicans) inwards mice. In humans, high levels of C. albicans in the alimentary canal tin atomic number 82 to bloodstream infections, including invasive candidiasis. The research, published inmSphere, suggests that it powerfulness survive possible to job dietary approaches every bit an option to antifungal drugs inwards companionship to decrease the adventure of infections caused byC. albicans.
C. albicans, a mutual fungal pathogen, is job of the gastrointestinal tract's normal works in addition to well-regulated past times the immune system. When the immune organization is compromised, however, the fungus tin spread beyond the GI tract in addition to crusade disease. Systemic infections caused by C. albicans can atomic number 82 to invasive candidiasis, which is the quaternary near mutual blood infection alongside hospitalized patients inwards the U.S. of America according to the CDC. The infection is near mutual alongside immunocompromised patients, including premature infants in addition to older adults.
Antifungal drugs tin survive used to decrease in addition to control C. albicans in the gut in addition to foreclose it from spreading to the bloodstream, but repeated job of antifungal drugs tin atomic number 82 to drug resistant-strains of fungal pathogens. In companionship to foreclose infections caused by C. albicans, the total of C. albicans in the alimentary canal needs to survive reduced.
The team, led past times microbiologist Carol Kumamoto in addition to nutrition scientist Alice H. Lichtenstein, investigated the effects of 3 dissimilar dietary fats on the total of C. albicans in the mouse gut: kokosnoot oil, beef tallow in addition to soybean oil. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 command grouping of mice were fed a criterion diet for mice. Coconut stone oil was selected based on previous studies that institute that the fatty had antifungal properties inwards the laboratory setting.
A kokosnoot oil-rich diet reduced C. albicans in the gut compared to a beef tallow-or soybean oil-rich diet. Coconut stone oil alone, or the combination of kokosnoot stone oil in addition to beef tallow, reduced the total of C. albicans in the gut past times to a greater extent than than 90% compared to a beef tallow-rich diet.
"Coconut stone oil fifty-fifty reduced fungal colonization when mice were switched from beef tallow to kokosnoot oil, or when mice were fed both beef tallow in addition to kokosnoot stone oil at the same time. These findings advise that adding kokosnoot stone oil to a patient's existing diet powerfulness command the increase of C. albicans in the gut, in addition to mayhap decrease the adventure of fungal infections caused by C. albicans," said Kumamoto, Ph.D., a professor of molecular biological scientific discipline in addition to microbiology at Tufts University School of Medicine in addition to fellow member of the molecular microbiology in addition to genetics programme faculties at the Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences.
"Food tin survive a powerful ally inwards reducing the adventure of disease," said Alice H Lichtenstein, D.Sc., manager of the Cardiovascular Nutrition Laboratory at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University. "This written report marks a kickoff measuring inwards agreement how life-threatening yeast infections inwards susceptible individuals powerfulness survive reduced through the short-term in addition to targeted job of a specific type of fat. As exciting every bit these findings are, nosotros convey to operate on inwards take away heed that the bulk of adult Americans are at high adventure for pump disease, the issue i killer inwards the U.S. The potential job of kokosnoot stone oil inwards the brusque term to command the charge per unit of measurement of fungal overgrowth should non survive considered a condom approach to preventing fungal infections."
"We desire to laissez passer clinicians a handling pick that powerfulness boundary the take away for antifungal drugs. If nosotros tin job kokosnoot stone oil every bit a safe, dietary alternative, nosotros could decrease the total of antifungal drugs used, reserving antifungal drugs for critical situations," said kickoff writer Kearney Gunsalus, Ph.D., an Institutional Research in addition to Academic Career Development (IRACDA) postdoctoral swain at the Sackler School inwards Kumamoto's lab.

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Headache is hurting inward whatsoever percentage of the head. Headaches may hand off on i or both sides of the head, live on isolated to a certainly location, radiate across the caput from i point, or choose a vise-like quality. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 headache may live on a abrupt pain, throbbing sensation or tedious ache. Headaches may appear gradually or suddenly, together with they may concluding less than an hr or for several days
BELLADONNA 200-Belladonna is i of the well-nigh oft used Homeopathic medicines for headaches. The headache is fierce together with throbbing inward character. There is throbbing hurting inward the temporal region. Pain starts of a abrupt without whatsoever prodromal symptoms. The hurting is worse on touching, past times dissonance or lite together with whatsoever jerk or abrupt movement. Cold air or whatsoever exposure brings on the pain. The hurting feels ameliorate from pressure. The seem upwardly is hot together with red. Cannot prevarication downward every bit the hurting increases inward the supine posture.
GLONOINE 30-Glonoine is rattling suitable for congestive headaches. There is a rush of blood to the head. Heat together with redness of the seem upwardly together with caput is seen. Pain is ordinarily throbbing inward character. There is a feeling of shocks inward the caput together with this is inward sync amongst the pulse. This headache is aggravated past times going out inward the Sun or estrus inward whatsoever other form. The patient cannot tolerate whatsoever warmth or then the head. He feels ameliorate from regain the head.
NATRUM MURIATICUM 200-Natrum Mur is rattling commonly used for headaches that arises from whatsoever mental grief or stress. It is also skillful for anaemic headaches. Such headaches are often seen inward immature girls. There is temporary blindness amongst the headaches. The hurting is every bit if at that topographic point are thousands of pocket-sized hammers beating within the head. The hurting increases during the solar daytime together with is ameliorate afterward sunset. Paleness of the seem upwardly accompanies the headache. The hurting may live on triggered past times eyestrain.
SANGUINARIA CAN 200-Sanguinaria is rattling commonly used for correct sidedheadaches. The hurting often starts inward the dorsum of the caput ie the occiput together with settles into the correct eye. There is distention of the veins of the caput together with the temporal region. The headaches are periodic inward nature together with hand off on every 7th day. One gets relief from lying downward together with from sleeping.
SPIGELIA 30-Spigelia is rattling useful for headachesthat hand off on the left side. In this medicine the hurting settles over the left eye. There is a feeling every bit if at that topographic point is a tight band or then the head. The hurting is aggravated past times comport upon or motion.
YUCCA Q- Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 specific for headaches
NUX VOMICA 30-  When a headache is triggered past times overeating, coffee, hangovers, lack of sleep, or inactivity, nux vomica may live on your answer.  Constipation often accompanies the headache. You volition experience ameliorate if warmly covered together with lying down.
BRYONIA ALB 30-– Intense, sharp, shooting caput hurting characterizes a Bryonia headache.  Your scalp may experience tender to the comport upon together with mutual coldness applications attention the pain. It tin hand off amongst indigestion or liver dysfunction.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

8:42 PM


Skin pigmentation disorders the color of your skin. Your peel gets its color from a paint called melanin. Special cells inward the peel brand melanin. When these cells becomes damaged or unhealthy , it affects melanin production . Some pigmentation  disorders impact merely patches of skin. Others impact your entire body
AETHUSA CYNAPIUM 30- Black as well as blueish spots all over the body
ARSENICUM ALB 30- Skin blackish or bluish inward color
BERBERIS VULGARIS 30- Pale appear upwards alongside soiled greyness tinge, Sunken cheeks . Deep gear upwards eyes surrounded bluish or blackish border
BISMUTH 30- Deadly pale appear upwards alongside blueish rings or then the eyes
CAPSICUM 30- Cheeks are reddish alternate alongside paleness , Red dots on the face
CHINA OFF. 30—Face pale as well as Hippocratic. Eyes sunken as well as surrounded past times blueish rings
CINA 30- Pale appear upwards alongside sickly white as well as bluish appearness or then mouth. Sickly alongside nighttime rings nether the eyes
CONIUM MAC. 30- Green skin
HYPERICUM PERF. 30- Red lines or streaks extending upwards to the arms or legs
IRIS VERSICOLOR 30- Skin becomes blueish afterward dysentery
IODUM 30- Yellow peel turns brown
LACHESIS  200-Skin turns blueish afterward beingness bitten or afterward fever. Skin purple
LYCOPODIUM 200- Specific for liver spots
KALI ARS 30- Discoloration of peel afterward psoriasis as well as leprosy
PHOSPHORUS 200- Yellow or dark-brown patches on the abdomen
SEPIA 200- Face as well as conjunctiva yellow. Yellow spots on the chest. Yellow saddle across upper business office of the cheeks as well as nose
SULPHURIC ACID 30- Black or blueish spots on the skin

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Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, , and sensations  that conduct house unremarkably involuntarily inward the mind  during certainly stages of sleep.  The content together with role of dreams are non definitively understood, though they bring been a theme of scientific speculation, equally good equally a dependent of philosophical together with religious interest, throughout recorded history . The scientific written report of dreams is called oneirology 
Dreams mainly conduct house inward the rapid optic – campaign stage of slumber —when brain activity is high together with resembles that of beingness awake. REM slumber is revealed yesteryear continuous movements of the eyes during sleep. At times, dreams may conduct house during othe stages of sleepr.. However, these dreams tend to last much less brilliant or memorable.
The length of a dream tin toilet vary; they may concluding for a few seconds, or about 20–30 minutes. People are to a greater extent than probable to call back the dream if they are awakened during the REM phase. The average soul has iii to v dreams per night, together with some may cite to seven; however, most dreams are straightaway or rapidly forgotten. Dreams tend to concluding longer equally the black progresses. During a total eight-hour black sleep, most dreams conduct house inward the typical ii hours of REM
In modern times, dreams bring been seen equally a connective to the unconscious mind.  They arrive at from normal together with ordinary to overly surreal   and bizarre. Dreams tin toilet bring varying natures, such equally beingness frightening , exciting, magical , melancholic, adventurous, or sexual. The events inward dreams are mostly exterior the command of the dreamer, amongst the exception of lucid dreaming , where the dreamer is self aware  Dreams tin toilet at times brand a creative  thought conduct house to the soul or give a feel of inspiration
Opinions well-nigh the pregnant of dreams bring varied together with shifted through fourth dimension together with culture. Most people today seem to endorse the (Freudian) theory of dreams - that dreams break insight into hidden desires together with emotions, rather than other prominent theories include those suggesting that dreams assist inward retentiveness formation, occupation solving, or only are a production of random encephalon activation. The earliest recorded dreams were acquired from materials dating dorsum about 5000 years, in Mesopotamia, where they were documented on clay tablets. In the Greek and Roman periods, the people believed that dreams were straight messages from 1 and/or multiple deities, from deceased persons, together with that they predicted the future. Some cultures practiced dream incubation with the intention of cultivating dreams that are of prophecy
Sigmund Freud, who developed the dependent acre of psychoanalysis, wrote extensively well-nigh dream theories together with their interpretations inward the early on 1900s. He explained dreams equally manifestations of our deepest desires together with anxieties, oftentimes relating to repressed childhood memories or obsessions. Furthermore, he believed that virtually every dream topic, regardless of its content, represented the unloosen of sexual tensionIn The Interpretation of Dreams(1899), technique to translate dreams together with devised a serial of guidelines to empathize the symbols together with motifs that seem inward our dreams.
ALO SOCOTRINA 200- Dreams of passing stool
APIS MELLIFICA 200- Dreams of flying
ARNICA MONTANA 200- Dreams of graves, dingy water, robbers
BELLADONNA 200- Dreams of fire
BRYONIA ALBA 200- Dreams of dreams together with household matters
CAMPHOR 200- Dreams of spirits
CHELIDONIUM 200- Dreams of funnerals
ERECHTHITES 200- Dreams of nudity together with shame
FERRUM IODIDE 200- Dreams of thieves
JABORANDI 200- Dreams of accidents together with fights
KALI CARB 200- Dreams of ghosts
LACCANINUM 200- Dreams of snakes together with of urinating
MERC SOL 200- Dreams of animals
NATRUM MUR. 200- Dreams of robbers, murderers , thieves, together with fire
NUX VOMICA 200- Dreams from excessive mental elbow grease . Dreams of accidents. Sexual dreams amongst emission
SILICEA 200- Dreams of murder, corpse, dead bodies, thieves, beingness poisoned, of choking
SULPHUR 200- Dreams that he has been bitten yesteryear a dog

THUJA OCCIDENTALIS 200--Dreams of dead people , falling from a height, battles

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